Pressure From Peers Not Always Negative

Melissa Rima

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Peer pressure can be seen as a way for a person to do something that they know that they shouldn’t do. It is a way that encourages them to be ‘cool’ like everyone or to just fit in. Pressure from peers can either be positive or negative. It can be hard for teens to resist pressure, especially in the heat of the moment, but if they focus on their values and goals in life, it may help them make the best decision.

Friends are a big part of a person’s life. A majority of the decisions that a teen makes are based on what his/her friend may have said or done. Fitting in is one of the most important aspects for a teen. It may be more known as peer influence or social influence when adapting to what those around you are doing. Teens normally spend most of their time with friends more often than with family. The more people hang out and stick around each other, the more they will have an impact on the other person. Those individuals can create a bond and become much closer to one another.

From “what is hot” to “what is not”, we follow those who are more popular or more famous, hoping to be like them one day. If we are similar to that person, maybe people will acknowledge their presence. A person will always have a choice when being pressured by others around them. It always depends on what their values are, and what they believe would be the correct decision for them. It isn’t always pressure from a classmate or somebody that you may fairly know, tv and social media are a much bigger portion for influences. It’s everywhere you look, and they always have something there that you think would work best for you and make you believe that you’d be just like somebody that is popular to all.

There is much more than the negative pressure that people are exposed to. Friends and family members may encourage you to do better in school because it can lead to a better future. They may also help you apply for college, or cheer for you when you have finally accomplished something big. The reaction from another person makes a person feel good about themselves, and they know that they can do much more for another reaction like that. It’s like food that they feed off of, making them feel better about themselves.

The definition of peer pressure, according to School Psychologist, Martin Wiese, “It is the following of guidance of peers to make decisions.”  And less often than not, peer pressure is not a huge problem that many people are dealing with. While growing up, parents made a bigger deal out of the negative effects than the positive ones. Peer pressure is based on how close the people are, or how the one that is being pressured wants to be seen by others.