Room For Improvement

Katie Le, Contributor

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“Change will not come if we wait for some other person, or if we wait for some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” These are the words from our former president Barack Obama. Change is something to be sought after. Change brings flexibility, understanding, and progress – especially at school. 77 years ago Northeast was founded, and since then, has grown into a school of diversity and opportunity. Though a seemingly well-developed institution, this school needs improvement just like any other. Efforts to improve life within the walls of Northeast has always been crucial to build strong and independent students. We are a school with a proud past with strong traditions which must be kept. With this being said, some fellow Rockets were interviewed to share their thoughts on what needs to be changed about Northeast in order to keep our community an enjoyable and safe environment.

The first of many proposals was to change the lunch policy. Lunchtime has always been troublesome for students. Those who choose to stay inside or are too young to go out are faced with long, tight lines full of people with no regard for personal space. The cafeteria is crowded with students which often results in chaos and affects the speed the lines progress. The longer they wait, the shorter amount of time they get to eat. Only those who are able to reach the cafeteria the soonest are fortunate enough to go through the cafeteria, get their food, find a table to eat at, and get back to class on time. On the other hand, students who prefer going out for lunch have to rush themselves to get back before the bell rings and are often late to class causing them to eat during class time. With little time to drive anywhere, students tend to speed which is a dangerous for everyone. Many students here agree lunch should be extended and organized into a better system.

A senior at Lincoln Northeast believes students should be kept aware of current events by their teachers. News can be accessed through many different media such as word of mouth, printing, broadcasting and the internet. It is important for a student to be knowledgeable of what is happening around the world so that he or she is exposed to different ideas from different people. What this does is fuel their creativity and broaden their sense of diversity. Many students spend their days living through a narrow lens, not realizing what is happening in the world around them. What can be done about this issue is introducing daily announcements over the intercom in the morning so every student in the building can hear.

A serious problem at Northeast is the level of involvement with extracurricular activities/clubs. Some students are not motivated enough to put in commitment towards an activity or may believe there are no benefits in doing so. Others have obligations such as work, family, etc. Every area is different, but Northeast students should devote some of their time towards activities and be more enthusiastic about the school. Solutions include recognizing each sport and club as equally important in order to keep the school more spirited in every department. Also administration and counselors could improve in advertising clubs and activities when transitioning from 8th grade year to freshmen year. Mr. Chapman states, “I went to Wesleyan to stay involved, so I just don’t understand where all the enthusiasm went.” To this day, a reason of the decline in involvement still remains unknown. It seems like the level of enthusiasm at our school is greatly lacking. People feel the additional time and commitment towards clubs or sports are too much in addition to academics.

The list goes on when it comes to school changes relating to both materialistic items to people’s’ mindsets and mentality. It may seem like Northeast has a lot of work to do and it could take a long time. But as long as we, students and faculty, do our part in putting in efforts to improve the school’s community, we can count on making this school the best it can be.

No matter how many changes need to happen, Mr. Chapman concludes, “No matter where you go, schools have its positive and negatives. I love LNE, its community, makeup of students, and diversity.”