Students create ideas of what they imagine their dream majors to be like

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Students create ideas of what they imagine their dream majors to be like

Fatima Al-Sammak, Editor-in-Chief

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It is nearing the end of the school year, and seniors in high schools are getting ready to make their final decisions in regards to the college they will be attending. With this comes the responsibility of choosing which college is right for them. When asked what most affected their decision of which college to attend, most students answered either tuition costs, distance from home or if the college had their desired major or not. But what if students were given the opportunity to choose any sort of college and major their heart desired, even ones that may not exist? Seniors at Lincoln Northeast High School share what they imagine their dream major to be like if they were allowed to major in anything they wanted, whether possible or not.

Rana Aribi said she would want to major in something that focused on traveling. The major would allow her to earn a job as a traveler who goes and reviews countries. The college she attends would have to offer opportunities to study abroad as well as teach her how to critique countries in order to review them. She wants to give others detailed explanation of countries, including when to best visit them, what sort of fun activities they have to offer, and what to do when visiting.

Evan Cornwell said he really enjoyed guitars, building, and working in nature. So he would like a major that would allow him to combine those three aspects together. The college would allow him to learn how to build various items, as well as wiring and other important parts of creating a structure, while having hands on nature activities. Evan said his ideal career would be to be able to build really cool guitars while also being allowed to work outside, in a nature-filled area.  

Shelby Bloom said she would go into per-veterinary medicine so she can become a veterinarian. She would like the major to allow her to work with various animals, such as wild, domestic or marine so that she can get the full experience of what it is like to treat different kinds of animals. Shelby would also like to get hands on experience of what the occupation requires while still a student so she can better understand what she needs to do when she officially joins the occupation.

Ayden Koss-Marshall, another senior, described how fascinating it would be to major in intergalactic and space studies and become an intergalactic tour guide. He would take people on tours through the galaxies, drive rocket ships through space, and show people all the wonderful sites the universe has to offer. The college would of course have to have all the right equipment to teach him how to operate in such a field. He would have a telescope, rocket ship, cool jet packs and all the right gear to help him stay safe when traveling through dangerous planets and areas in space.

Ranya Aribi, a senior at Lincoln Northeast, said she would like to go into a fashion or beauty major. With a major like this, she would like to become an influence within the fashion and beauty community. Ranya dreams that she would be able to travel and learn about fashion and beauty in different parts of the world. She would even like to create her own line of fashion and beauty products.

Students shared their interests and dreams, and they ranged from becoming international tour guides to underwater treasure hunters. But no matter what it is these students end up doing, there will hopefully be a college that will allow them to study their desired fields.