The weirdest world records achieved in history

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The weirdest world records achieved in history

Fatima Al-Sammak, Editor-in-Chief

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Every year, new world records are added to the books while others get broken. Among the new world records that get created, there seem to always be a few that may be considered strange or unique; records that many people would have never thought to even exist. So here is a recollection of some of the strangest ‘longest’ and ‘greatest’ categorized world records to be recorded.

  1. Longest distance pulled by a horse while on full body burn

In June 2015, an Austrian man by the name of Josef Todtling achieved the record by allowing himself to be a pulled a total of 500 meters by a horse. An ATV drove next to him and recorded the phenomena while the driver continuously poured oil onto him to make sure the flames stayed alit.

  1. Longest handshake

Alastair Galpin and Don Purdon of New Zealand and Rohit and Santosh Timilsina Nepal are tied in holding this record after achieving it in New York in 2011. The handshake lasted 33 hours, 3 minutes, more than double the amount of the previous record which was 15 hours, 30 minutes, 45 seconds.

  1. Longest time spent spinning a basketball on a toothbrush held in mouth

In December 2017, Sandeep Singh Kaila achieved this record in Canada after spinning a basketball on a toothbrush which he held in his mouth for a total of 60.50 seconds. He beat his previous record which he had attempted back in April of 2017.

  1. Longest distance to blow a pea

Andre Ortolf, a man from Augsburg, Germany, achieved this record in July 2014 and is still the holder of the record. He achieved this record in a gym in Bavaria, Germany after he managed to blow the pea a total of 7.51 meters.

  1. Largest collection of garden gnomes

Ann Atkin, a woman from the United Kingdom, is the current holder of this record which she achieved in August of 2015. She owns a total of 2,042 gnomes which she houses in a large Gnome Reserve. Interestingly enough, approximately 25,000 people visit the reserve every year.

  1. Largest external foot rotation

In September of 2015, a man by the name of Maxwell Day achieved this record in London. He was able to rotate his right foot 157 degrees, which is the current record, and his left foot 143 degree.

  1. Largest collection of hamburger related items

This record belongs to none other than Harry Spiel, appropriate nicknamed Hamburger Harry, in Daytona Beach, Florida. He achieved this record in September 2014 after it was verified that he owned a total of 3,724 hamburger related paraphernalia.

  1. Largest number of bees covering a person’s body

A 55 year old brave man from China by the name of Gao Binggou achieved this after letting more than one million bees surround his body in May of 2015. This beekeeper was stung more than 5,000 times during his attempt but admitted that the pain was worth it.