Q&A: How do I get a 36 on the ACT?

Taylor Morgan

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A 36 on the ACT cannot be guaranteed, but a high score is achievable with proper test prep. There are a few methods of studying for the ACT. There are books, practice tests, online test prep through ACT, and other online classes. You can practice and study in each category of math, science, English and reading. Then, you will know what to work on to feel prepared for the test. Also, the night before and the day of the test do not stress. Test anxiety is a problem for a lot of people taking such an important test because it determines college admission and some scholarships. Get enough sleep and have a good breakfast in the morning. Lastly, just relax and take the exam and do the best you can. Some people retake the ACT if they are not satisfied with their first score. It is common to take the ACT at least twice. Many people take it the first time and see what the test is like and will take it again to improve their score. Colleges will take the highest score you get on the exam. A perfect score of 36 is not common, but it is attainable. Good luck!

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