Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Fatima Al-Sammak, Editor-in-Chief

It’s not easy to live a healthy lifestyle, especially for high school students. Most high school students are constantly bombarded with school work, activities, and jobs. And amongst the hectic busyness, it could be easy for someone to forget to eat a proper meal or get in some exercise. It’s a lot easier to pass by a drive thru and order a full course meal than it is to go home and prepare something much healthier. But for those who desire to live a healthy lifestyle, they don’t have to change their lives completely overnight. It’s a much better idea for an individual to slowly teach themselves healthy habits day by day.

It’s always best for an individual to start becoming healthier by changing their eating habits. This is something everyone can do and most of the time, our health conditions are determined by what we eat. A good piece of advice would be for someone to eat a new “healthy food” everyday. For example, a person could start off by eating a banana, and everyday from then on they would try eating a different healthy food. After a person gets used to doing that, they could increase the amount of healthy food they would eat in a day. So instead of just having an apple for a snack, they could try incorporating a small salad into lunch or some sort of vegetable as a side dish for dinner. That doesn’t necessarily mean that a person must restrict their diet to only fruits and vegetables. It means to find a proper balance between foods that are healthy and foods that a person enjoys having.

With exercising, it’s very similar. A person could start off by running for a few minutes everyday. And then, they could increase the time they run little by little everyday until they’ve developed the habit of doing some sort of activity everyday for at least 30 minutes. And it doesn’t have to be the same activity every day. An individual could change it up so one day they are running, another they are lifting weights, and they could even try playing a team sport with friends if possible. If a person makes an effort to change it up every time, exercising would become more fun because the person gets to try something new/different everyday.

Little changes like that could benefit a person a lot in the future, especially if the person happens to make a habit out of them and continue to do them. And starting off by making small healthy choices such as exercising and eating healthy will lead a person into continuously making healthy and self-beneficial decision in all situations.