Senior Ads

Celebrate in the yearbook! Parents and friends can buy senior ad space in the back of the yearbook. This can be a really special and fun surprise for graduating seniors that personalizes the book. Ads can include additional senior photos, baby photos, personal messages or other treasured memories. You can design your own online or submit photos and have the yearbook staff design one for you. Prices for ad space start at $40.

Please purchase and submit by January 15 at the yearbook store.

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  • One of the spreads from the 2020 yearbook senior ads.

  • Two eighth of a page ads in the 2017 yearbook.

  • Senior Ads in the 2016 yearbook.

  • A senior ads spread in the 2012 yearbook.

  • A half page ad for 5 friends – Emily Backman, Lauren Bell, Bayleigh Collins, Christine Cullinane and Kelsey Marshall. A quarter page ad for Derek Bauer, and two eighth page ads for Nikki Miller and T.J. Walker. All in the 2012 yearbook.

  • Senior ads in the 2003 yearbook.

  • Senior Ads in the 1991 yearbook.

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