Lincoln’s notorious cold case: Tina McMenamin

Jaden Vankeuren, Writer

December 18, 2019

Tina McMenamin was murdered on July 25th, 1995 in her apartment at Amberwood Apartments on 4600 Briarpark Drive. Tina was stabbed multiple times and sexually assaulted, here’s the scary thing, her killer is still out there. Tina McMenamin was a freshman at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. Being eighteen years old she had her whole...

Changes After High School.

Changes After High School.

Haifa Khurmish

December 16, 2019

It’s important to consider your future plans during high school. Nataliya Brana shared with us some of her plans after graduation from high school. Nataliya is planning to go to college for 4 years. However, Nataliya is not sure what to study yet.  She is thinking to study Physics engineering....

A Look at Luke

Luke Buettner stands proud at the National Leadership Conference for FBLA in San Antonio in July 2019.

Caleb Pruss-Hansen

November 15, 2019

Luke Buettner is a senior with an impressive time here at Northeast. While he has come to be a leader, as a freshman and sophomore he wasn’t nearly as involved as he is now. He says he became more involved in his upperclassmen years compared to his underclassmen years. Nonetheless he has par...

Mini-Series: About our Teachers- Episode 2

Mini-Series: About our Teachers- Episode 2

Colton Reinick

November 7, 2019

Mrs. Okemba is one of the math teachers here at Northeast. I interviewed her on something things that she likes and her thoughts on what she would like to change. Her favorite color is purple, when she was in 1st grade her teacher said purple used to be the color of royalty and it was one of her High School color...

The Best Of High School

The Best Of High School

Kendall Broussard

November 5, 2019

As graduation slowly approaches, this senior is soaking up the last of her high school years. Avien Kasem is a senior at Northeast High School and plans to graduate at semester. Kasem plans to work full time and enroll at SCC in August of 2020. She hopes to get  her associates degree in business and e...

One of our newest Rockets, Ms. Pomajzl!

One of our newest Rockets, Ms. Pomajzl!

Daniel Beltran

October 25, 2019

Wait wait wait, what is “Human behavior” and why do I have to learn about it? And who in the world is Ms.Pomajzl?! Ms.Pomajzl is one of our newest teachers this year at Northeast, she teaches Human Behavior. Her main motivation this year is to be able to, in the future, look back on everythin...

Who is Ms.Rowe?

Justin Morberg

October 7, 2019

Ms. Rowe is a history, civics and a learning center teacher who enjoys her occupation. The reason that she is a teacher is because her cousin Madison who has or had special needs and her 9th grade teacher influenced her. Now she wants to teach 10 more years and her goal is to retire with full benef...

Mini Student Interview

Cassandra Sumler

October 4, 2019

At Northeast High School sophomore Makayla Sumler, shared information about herself with me.  Makayla’s favorite color is pink and her favorite class is painting because it’s fun. She is proud that she has really good grades right now and is working harder in school.  Her best advice she ...

Special Education: Something We Should All Know

Kendall Broussard

September 30, 2019

Some may wonder how or why people choose this career path, and the answers may vary. Working in a special needs field requires a lot of patience, understanding, and determination. Mr. McMahan has been a special needs teacher for about 7 years. “I worked with adults with disabilities first, but I feel like teens are mu...

Unsung Heroes of LNE 

Unsung Heroes of LNE 

Lilly Clark

September 27, 2019

Northeast is a big high school that has tons of students and staff members. But without certain people, it would be way worse and more chaotic. The office is a big part of LNE and these secretaries work all day long to make sure that all teachers and students know exactly what is going on and what t...

A New Journey Begins

A New Journey Begins

Haifa Kurmish

September 26, 2019

Gabriella Menezes da Silva from Brazil has been in United States for 2 years, and this year is her first year attending Northeast as a senior. Gabriella felt nervous and excited at the same time. Of course, being in a new school will make you feel nervous, and especially when you are in the ELL p...

A New Teacher is in Town

A New Teacher is in Town

Jaden Vankeuren

September 25, 2019

A new teacher at Northeast High School, Miss Biddlecom recently joined our community at school. Miss Biddlecom moved here from Maine and "was looking for a new teaching home.” She is an English teacher for all grades here at Northeast. August 12th was the first day for Miss Biddlecom. She was nervou...

Once a Rocket, Always a Rocket