One of my most embarrassing moments was…

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One of my most embarrassing moments was…

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“When I had to wear a chicken suit the whole day.”—Eli M., 15, Freshman

“Getting taken out of of the lunchroom in handcuffs at North Star.”—Anonymous, 17

“When I slipped on water and was slipping down a whole hallway.”—Anonymous, 17, Junior

“Whenever I turned a corner during freshman year, I would run into the fire alarm cover and they would go off. I would just raise my arms and walk away.” – Anonymous, 18, Senior

“When I fell off the stage in photography class during sophomore year.”—Alicia D., 17, Junior

“When a teacher read me and my girlfriend’s texts in front of the class.”—Anonymous, 17, Junior

“When I was talking to a friend and I was moving my hands and I accidentally slapped a girl’s butt.”—Anonymous

“When I was walking down the hallway and accidentally linked hands with this guy (we were both swinging our arms). He said, ‘What are we?’ and winked. My face went completely red.”—Selene, 16, Sophomore

“When I dropped my pen, so I bent over to get it and farted so hard, then blamed it on the kid next to me.”—Anonymous

“When I was at a rec. rally, and I was getting pretty hype bouncing around, jumping, and yelling, and I didn’t have the most supportive bra, so you could imagine…”—Anonymous, 17, Senior

“When I hit a car in the parking lot and drove off.”—Anonymous,17, Junior

“When I pepper sprayed a tent…while inside the tent.”—Anonymous, 18, Senior

“When I was younger, I ran up to hug my dad only to find out the man I hugged was a stranger.”—Anonymous, 17, Senior

“When I was a kid, I didn’t understand manikins and accidentally touched an African American I thought was a manikin.”—Dylan Y., 18, Senior

“When I was hoping for a quiet fart, but it came out as loud as dropping 14 lunch trays at once. I was in class, so everyone heard and laughed. Thank god it didn’t stink.”—Anonymous, 17, Junior

“When my water broke in Walmart.”—Anonymous, 17, Junior

“When I was in 4th grade, during silent reading, another girl dropped her slap bracelet, and it rolled across the floor. I, thinking it was a mouse, jumped out of my desk and started screaming. Everyone in the class looked at me like I was crazy. The teacher pulled me into the hall. I was too embarrassed to tell her why I screamed, so she gave me after-school detention.”—Mrs. Russell, English Teacher

“Being pantsed in the Mall of America.”—Warren J., 16, Sophomore

“Drowning at Woods Pool and my mom didn’t want to save me because she didn’t want to get her weave wet.”—Anonymous, Freshman

“When I went to dive in a pool when my bottoms fell to my knees. The lifeguard and kids with goggles laughed at me.”—Anonymous

“When I peed myself in the 7th grade.”—Anonymous, 16, Junior

“When I was in the third grade at swimming lessons and I closed my eyes to do the backstroke. Five minutes later, I wondered why I hadn’t reached the wall yet. Turns out, I was swimming in circles the whole time.”—Anonymous, 16, Sophomore

“Going into a car that didn’t belong to my mom because I didn’t remember her license plate.”—Anonymous, 16, Sophomore

“Middle school.”—Mr. Reda, English Teacher