From Practicum to the Real Deal


Nicoletta Cole, Staff Writer

Katie McMullen is a new teacher at Northeast High School, but she is a familiar face for a number of upperclassmen. Last year she was a practicum student, and she helped teach diff Chemistry with Mr. Schlautman. This year she is teaching science classes of her own. “She’s a fun teacher,” says Ramzy Hamouda, a freshman in her fifth period Physical Science class. “She wants us to learn a lot.”

Q&A With Ms. McMullen

Q: What was your favorite subject in school and why?

A: “Art. I did an honors art class senior year where we ended up selling our art, and I really like that.”

Q: What made you want to become a teacher?

A: “My mom was a teacher, and I’ve always liked working with kids.”

Q: What was your first impression of Northeast?

A: “It seemed like everyone was really friendly. It was cool to know that other teachers had gone to school here.”

Q: Has that impression changed now that you work here?

A: “Nope, just gotten better.”

Q: How did your Practicum prepare you for teaching here?

A: “I got to see what kind of students are here and I got to know the science department. Everyone made me feel comfortable. I like the students.”

While not everyone will use the exact same words to talk about Ms. McMullen, most people who have been taught by her or have observed her teach will mention the same thing when asked about her teaching style. Freshman Zahraa Al-Jabery, a student taking her Physical Science class, had this to say, “She’s really helpful. She explains and puts effort into helping everyone in their own style of learning.” Al-Jabery mentioned that Ms. McMullen took extra time to make sure that everyone in class understood the material and worded things differently if a student was having trouble. Ms. McMullen’s class might be tucked away in room 49, at the very back of the science wing, but her dedication to student learning is impossible to miss.