Mini-Series: About Our Teachers- Episode 1


Colton Reinick

At Northeast, 7 teachers shared information about themselves and what they hope that will change in our world or in the years to come. 

Our first teacher is Mrs. Russell, one of our English teachers here at Northeast. As I interviewed her, she had to really think of some of her favorite things that she likes.

Her favorite color changes between blue and purple depending on her mood, she loves rice of all types, and some of her favorite movies are The Underworld series, The X-man movies, and Austen Land.

Mrs.Russell teaches English because she likes how there are no right or wrong answers for things and it broadens students’ creativity. 

She accomplished 4-years of undergrad and 3 years of grad school. Also, for her undergrad she went to UNL and Doane for her grad program.

I asked Mrs. Russell if she wanted to be teaching in 30 years? She said, “Yes, because I love what I do.” She would like to retire when she is 65, but still doesn’t know quite for sure. 

If she didn’t become a teacher she said that “I would have like to have an upcycled furniture and refinishing/repurposing shop.” 

At last, I asked Mrs. Russell if she could change one thing about this world what would it be and why? She said “I would like global warming to be taken more seriously and recycling more of a priority, because our oceans are going to have more trash than marine life and it makes me sad.”

The next teacher coming up is Mrs. Okemba and how she tells us what she likes and what she would like to change.