Northeast’s Unique Program

ELL strive program


Lateefa Haydaw

Strive, a unique new program at Northeast, is mentoring and supporting activities for refugee students who have been in the country for less than 5 years.

Mrs. David, one of the staff sponsors, said that this program has many goals. “Some goals of this program are to increase civic and social engagement of refugee students, and focus on school and careers.” 

 Some activities students have been provided with in this program are: having a LNE teacher be their success mentor, after school club, and field trips.

I asked Mrs. David what is a success mentor? She said that a success mentor is “a coach or a guide who will check in every day for a short period of time, and will help students feel connected to school.”

After school activities include meeting once a week after school on Mondays. She said, “We help students identify goals, learn about different careers, and get them involved in school and community.” I asked Mrs. David what do field trips include? She answered, “Well they may include college visits, learning about Lincoln, and community activities.”  

First, the success mentors program started in NYC public schools over five years ago. And then it was accomplished at six schools last year in Omaha. The reports from the principals of those schools recommended the program because it had a positive impact on the students’ attendance. Also, the staff mentors agreed that it was a positive experience for them, and most of them will be continuing in the role of mentor for the next school year.