There’s Something in the Air

Jamil Daniel

Recently I went to multiple sources to find out how Northeast has changed and how the students and staff feel about the changes now. Here’s what some of them had to say.

Mrs. Skorupa, who’s been working at Northeast for 11 years, says the culture and atmosphere has stayed the same so have the students. But they are facing different problems as time has passed with new generations coming in.

Additionally she talked about how staffing has changed for the better as younger teachers are able to connect and relax with the students as opposed to older more traditional ones.

Another teacher Mrs. Zamrzla who has only been working here for 3 years has stated that the students and the atmosphere “look and feel stressed and uncomfortable.” Along with that Mrs.  Zamrzla said a change in staff and admin along with rules play a part in that.

Kane Martinez a student said there is a lot of stereotyping going on and this prejudice affects the students which in turn messes with their self image and creates a dimmer tone setting the atmosphere.

These insightful views on the school setting and what students and teachers see and to conclude that the school needs to do something about this, perhaps by promoting self confidence and good self image and such to help with these problems.