Mini Student Interview

Cassandra Sumler

Do you agree with Northeasts new phone rule?

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  • Yes (30%, 8 Votes)

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At Northeast High School sophomore Makayla Sumler, shared information about herself with me. 

Makayla’s favorite color is pink and her favorite class is painting because it’s fun. She is proud that she has really good grades right now and is working harder in school. 

Her best advice she has gotten during high school has been: “Do your homework and turn it in on time because it can really affect your grade.” 

She agrees but disagrees with Northeast’s phone rule. She feels if she has all of her work done then she should be able to be on her phone but she likes how they’re more strict with it because she gets her work done faster and pays more attention in class. 

At least sophomores should be able to go off campus during lunch, because most of them are sixteen already and can drive, she shared with me.

For her future plans, she plans to attend college to be a therapist, her goal is to finish this year with all passing grades, A’s and B’s, and be set to graduate on time and leave sophomore year on good terms.

Do you think freshman & sophomores should be able to go off campus for lunch too?

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