A New Teacher is in Town

Jaden Vankeuren

A new teacher at Northeast High School, Miss Biddlecom recently joined our community at school. Miss Biddlecom moved here from Maine and “was looking for a new teaching home.” She is an English teacher for all grades here at Northeast.

Ms. Biddlecom poses in her classroom on Character Day during Spirit Week.

August 12th was the first day for Miss Biddlecom. She was nervous as she came from a small town in Maine; she stated, “I was taken aback by how many students go here and it’s probably ten times the amount I’m used to.” 

Miss Biddlecom was excited for this new teaching position saying, “I instantly fell in love with everything that the school does here and the community, and when I had the opportunity to interview it was just kinda sold to me.” Eventually, Northeast accepted her and Miss Biddlecom is doing her best with the new job.

Everyone has a reason to join the career that they did. Miss Biddlecom’s reason happened to be because of a movie that she watched when she was younger, along with others helping her along the way. She told me, “I wanted to be a teacher since I watched the movie Matilda, and I just found some great teachers along the way that helped me realize that I wanted to be an English teacher.”

Even though she’s an English teacher that’s not all she does in her free time. She claims, “In my free time, I love to read, cook new recipes I learn from watching Youtube, and do outdoorsy stuff.” 

In the end, Miss Biddlecom loves her job and is happy that she decided to go with this decision.