Mini-Series: About our Teachers- Episode 2

Colton Reinick

Mrs. Okemba is one of the math teachers here at Northeast. I interviewed her on something things that she likes and her thoughts on what she would like to change.

Her favorite color is purple, when she was in 1st grade her teacher said purple used to be the color of royalty and it was one of her High School colors. One of her favorite foods is pizza.

Some of her favorite movies are “Blended” and the new “Lion King,” plus anything that makes her laugh. 

Mrs. Okemba teaches Advanced Algebra and Calculus. She didn’t have a great math experience, so she wants to empower students in their math abilities.

She accomplished 4 years of a Bachelor’s degree and 2 years for her Masters. She went to UNL for both of her degrees. 

I asked Mrs. Okemba if she would still be teaching in 30 years and why? She said, “ Yes, because I love meeting all the students and helping them learn.” She would like to retire when she is 65 unless she still wants to keep teaching because it’s all about the money.

If Mrs. Okemba didn’t teach she said, “ I would have liked to be a nurse so I can help people.” 

The last question that I asked her was if you could change one thing about this world what would it be and why? She said, “I would like people to be kind to one another, because I think it’s important for everyone to feel accepted and have a place in this world.”