Changes After High School.

Future plans after high school

Haifa Khurmish

It’s important to consider your future plans during high school. Nataliya Brana shared with us some of her plans after graduation from high school.

Nataliya is planning to go to college for 4 years. However, Nataliya is not sure what to study yet.  She is thinking to study Physics engineering. I asked her, “Is there any reasons behind this goal you are thinking about?” Nataliya replied, “It’s something that I feel inside me, and one of my wants.” She was thinking for a long time, who she wants to be or what she wants to do in the future.

Even though she doesn’t know her major yet, Nataliya is planning to apply to UNO college and live on campus to be more engaged in student life, and get closer with other students, to be more communicate person.  

Nataliya knows that the first year of college would be difficult, but she shares, “ I’m sure that all challenges will make me stronger.” One of Nataliya’s friends who graduated from UNO college in 2018 told her that the college was hard, but Nataliya is going to try her best to achieve her goal. 

Also, after graduation from high school, Nataliya is planning to visit her country “ Ukraine .” An addition Nataliya is from Ukraine and she is been is United State for 2 years. Also, Nataliya is a smart student, her GPA is 4.3 and she got 21 on the ACT. Nataliya has 8 sisters, and she speaks 3 languages: (Ukrainian, English, and Russian).

Don’t be afraid of moving forward. The future is bright.