Things the Counseling Center wants Seniors to Know!


A screenshot of the LNE Counseling webpage.

Avien Kasem

With graduation coming up, the counseling center has a lot of information they want Northeast Seniors to know.

Now that “Apply to College” days are done, the focus for seniors should now be visiting those colleges and figuring out how to pay for it.

This brings us to applying for FAFSA. Now that we are in October, the FAFSA application is officially open to apply for and for those who need help with it, the counseling center has you covered. There will be someone coming to Northeast to help with the process. If anyone is interested, simply stop by the counseling center and ask! 

Other things our counselors want seniors to know is that this is the time to talk to your counselor with any questions and concerns you may have with your future. Whether that be about applying to colleges, how to pay for it, or even about your career. The counseling center is here to help. As Ms. Looky, a counselor here at Northeast, explains, “It is so heavy at the beginning of the year because a lot of seniors are deciding where to go at the beginning of the semester.” Therefore, seniors should talk to their counselors as soon as possible with questions about schedules or anything else school and outside of school related.