How to Make Biryani


Lateefa Haydaw

Biryani has been around for centuries. Biryani is an Iranian food. Biryani is a really popular food.  People cook biryani during holidays and during celebrations. Biryani is a healthy and delicious food. Many people think that biryani is an Indian food, but it’s actually not it’s an Iranian food. It travel from Iran to Indian and then to the other middle eastern countries.  

Biryani can be prepared in many ways; it could be made with chicken, goat, beef, or lamb. Also the way of making biryani depends on the country. 

I will teach you the way that Iraqi people make it. The ingredients that you need to get to make biryani in the Iraq way: 1 kg of chicken breast, 3 tsp of turmeric, 3 cups of basmati rice, 1 onions diced, one diced potatoes, one diced eggplant, 1 cup of beans, and one cup of fried peanuts, 2 tsp of black pepper, lastly one cup of vegetable oil. 

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Delicious Biryani with chicken!

And now the instructions; put the rice into hot water for one hour and put the turmeric with it. Cut the chicken into small pieces and fry it with vegetable oil and set these aside. Now diced onions, potatoes, and eggplant. Boil the potatoes and then fry them, and then fry the onions, eggplant, and fry the peanuts after you fry those. Boil the rice and add one more tsp of turmeric to it and leave it on the stove for half an hour. After you fry the vegetables and boiled rice you will need to mix them all together. Add the vegetables to the rice and add the black pepper and the beans as well and stir it so slowly. There are no specific ingredients when it come to making biryani you can add any of your favorite vegetables. To serve it get a large bowl and spoon it out to the bowl and wait until its cool and then enjoy it.