Exploring Upward Bound

Jorge Hidalgo Ramirez

Upward Bound is a program for students who want to go to college. This program is available for teenagers in high school from grades 9-12. They offer a lot of opportunities for first generation students along with tons opportunities for scholarships.

Activities done in Upward Bound vary by season. There are 3 seasons in Upward Bound summer, fall and winter.  But the main core of the activities are ACT preparation, building a resume, college workshops, and having a fun environment for everyone. 

The program intends to help low income students and first generation scholars. Upward Bound makes it easy for students to sign up. An application is required that can be obtained from the counseling center. 

Rakan Aldmairi a current member or Upward Bound revealed his favorite part about the program was earning an allowance and then being able to take a trip for 2 weeks with the money earned.  “This summer we went to Colorado and New Mexico. We went water rafting, hiking and sand dune surfing”  

When talking about the perks of the program he said, “Honestly there are many perks of Upward Bound.” Some perks include helping students stay on task and up to date with school work and helping first generation students because their parents didn’t go through the same process so they help make it easier for them. 

And the cost for such program is “hard work and dedication” according to Rakan. For more questions or additional information you can contact your high school counselor.