Tony Tran

Senioritis is a serious mental condition found throughout a majority of high school seniors. It is a moderate to serious decline in motivation, work ethic, and overall performance in school. This condition affects those who are near the end of their high school career, college, or graduate school careers. Here we asked a few about their personal standing on senioritis and how it affects them. 


“I definitely procrastinate a lot more than I normally would. With second semester coming up, I know it won’t get any easier.” Shaylee Wolff said. 


Procrastination is a really bad habit not only among seniors, but students in general. But in seniors, it’s crucial they not do that because they could potentially run out of time to get in the last work they need to graduate. Many are afraid of the process, and that is what kills their grades. The more people slack, the more grades and motivation that decreases. Some of these factors could potentially affect graduation.


Many students are just ready to go and get out of school. Most with senioritis are capable of passing with decent grades. But there are some who are really struggling and are in danger of failing or even not graduating on time. Senioritis really isn’t a big deal, but some students can make it a big deal, which is dangerous for their school career.

One senior, Ethan Keyes, is just done with school and ready to go. “It’s a pain the a**,” he says about Senioritis affecting him in school.