Finals at LNE

Jorge Hidalgo Ramirez

Students at Lincoln Northeast have began preparation for finals. Finals will take place next week starting on Wednesday and will go through until Friday. With so much going on and excitement from the holiday break, many students have felt stressed or worried about finals week. I’ve taken on a few students opinions to see how they are feeling or what they are doing to be successful during finals week. 


Diego Jacobo Rios a senior at Northeast has been a Northeast student since freshman year, although he did leave for a semester to Boston during his junior year. When asked about tips and tricks for being successful during finals he simply said, “preparation for finals is key.” His reasoning behind the simple but to the point answer was “your brain can only handle what it can.” 


Jacobo did admit to feeling some sort of stress following the previous weeks before finals week. “My greatest stress has come from finding a good balance between school and work.”  A way he discovered to overcome this obstacle was “to take days off work that way I was allowed time to study and prepare for finals.” 


I decided to take the viewpoint from a different Northeast student. Thus I interviewed freshman Johanna Hidalgo, formerly from Dawes Middle School. When asked about her feeling towards finals week she said “ some of my teachers have allowed us to use notecards and fill them with notes and information to help with the final test.” She claims that has helped ease the stress, and made her feel more confident coming into finals week.  

With finals coming fast, Lincoln Northeast students are ready to tackle finals week and welcome the holiday break.