Passive-Aggressive Letter from an Upperclassman

Dear Students of Lincoln Northeast High School,

I am writing to tell you a thing or two I have noticed about our wonderful school and student body. There are several things that go unnoticed that the students here at Northeast do and should definitely be recognized for. I mean the positive, upbeat attitude everybody has on a regular basis is quite extraordinary, not to mention how respectful and responsible you all are.

There have been several complaints about students not being treated like the responsible adults that we are. There is no doubt teachers do not always treat you as their equal. It is a shame because it is clear with the constant back talking and refusal to do homework that each and every one of you deserves to be treated with the utmost respect. With time, maybe things will begin to turn around.

As a fellow student, I have been oh so fortunate in that I have been surrounded by every kind of student possible. Whether it is the freshmen that constantly run up the middle of the stairs during passing periods or the mass groups of people that stand directly in the middle of the entire hallway, I know I will always be surrounded by the wide variety of people our school offers.

Here at Northeast we have also been extremely lucky to have fantastic substitute teachers who have been helping out around Northeast for years. It is very clear why they keep coming back time after time – just look at how they are treated! Students here never fail to make substitute teachers feel welcome with the endless jokes about their last names and/or by making fun of their classroom management. Not to mention how courteous you are when it comes to moving around seats so the sub has no way of knowing who actually is present that day. It is so amazing how respectful and responsible you all are to the people who offer reprieve. Keep up the good work!

Now to the thing that receives the least amount of recognition – lunch. LPS has done a fantastic job of making sure you are offered a decent amount of food for only $2.70. It makes everyone involved so happy to hear how highly you speak of your dirt-cheap meals. You know, constantly saying that LPS is trying to starve you or that the food monitors poison the food, etc. We are blessed with an amazing cafeteria staff at Northeast who consistently provide for hundreds of kids who are not their own. I imagine they are extremely happy when you graciously leave your trash on the floor and trays just thrown in the dish room. And when you continually make fun of them, I am sure they love that. You make their job worth doing!

Many people stereotype Northeast as being a school full of disrespectful delinquents, but based on everything I have noticed, that just cannot be true. We are a student body full of sophisticated, mature adults. We treat all the staff with the utmost respect and kindness, especially the substitutes. I have no idea why anyone would think we are anything less than that. We will just have to keep up the good work until everyone notices.


An upperclassmen with a serious case of senioritis