Our Newest Security Technician!

Avien Kasem

New year, new additions, new rules, and new people. Northeast has received quite a change this year, part of that includes the staff…specifically with our security technicians.             

The new addition to our security staff, Abby, took the time to enlighten us about who she is, her background, and what she hopes to achieve working here. Abby, who is a Northeast graduate, has returned from Madison, South Dakota where she attended school to work here with us at Northeast. She explains that she hopes to eventually become a math teacher, but for now she is our newest security technician. In her time working here, she has come to the conclusion that she loves working with the kids whom she gets to see on a daily basis. She is also happy about seeing her old teachers as well as staff members. 

In addition to the new staff members, there has also been a change to the policy here at Northeast, and Abby was able to enlighten us on what she thinks of these new rules. She explains that the new rules are “great” and will “help regain awesomeness at Northeast.”

“It’ll be a culture shock for a little bit but I think once everybody’s on board, it’ll be good to go,” she elaborates. However, in order to establish these new rules, the school needs to know how to enforce them and Abby has her own way of doing so. While some may think she is “strict” with the way she enforces the Northeast policy, she reassures us that she is simply here to help. “I just want to hold them to the highest expectations because I know everybody in this building can reach them,” she explains. She goes on explaining her love for the students here and how much she wants everyone to succeed here. She knows the students here are “going to rise to the expectations and they’re going to do great things.” Abby clearly wants the best for us students and she is helping us succeed in her own way.

In fact, her co-workers can also agree that Abby is doing a great job here at Northeast. According to them, she is very “ambitious and the right fit for this job,” Boyd explains. Her co-worker, Ferrell says, she is a “cool” person to work with and knows how to handle this job. 

Furthermore, Abby shares that she came back at the best time and wants to help us rise. She elaborates saying “I want them to be the next successful people to come out of this building because it is great” and she knows we can do it as students. Just like Abby said…”Rockets are the future. Once a Rocket, always a Rocket.” We look forward to see how Abby will continue to help us here at Northeast.