Senior Photos

Submit here: Senior Photo Link

Deadline to submit senior photos is October 31, 2020.

Seniors, you can replace your school portrait with a portrait style photo of your choice (senior photo). You can submit your favorite photo of yourself or you could go take a picture in your favorite place. This allows you to personalize your main appearance in the yearbook and replace your school portrait if you really hate it. 

Submitted photos must meet the following guidelines (the parts in bold are especially important).

  1. Photos should be four-color digital images, submitted electronically.
  2. Photos should be high resolution (225 dpi), saved in JPEG format.
  3. Photos should be cropped and resized to vertical, wallet-size photo (approximately 2” X 3” tall). Please leave 1/8 of an inch between the top of the head and the top of the picture.
  4. The background should not be distracting, and should contrast with student’s clothing color (medium–toned, neutral-color backgrounds preferred).
  5. The student’s head and face should stand out from background, and have sufficient contrast.
  6. The student’s pose should be a basic head-and-shoulder shot, preferably full front or slightly to the side. Avoid extreme angles and hands in photo.
  7. Clothing should be school appropriate (avoid wording on clothing).
  8. No props or hats are allowed and no items (i.e. tree trunk, fence, etc.) should appear in front of the student.

In other words, the photo you submit must be a high digital quality, fairly normal head and shoulders photo of you. If needed this can be a photo from a smart phone – you do have to check your settings to make sure that your phone is storing the full resolution.

Note: You can submit a more distant photo, but we will crop the photo to include only your head and shoulders. Hands and arms will be cropped as necessary since head-and-shoulder shots are requested.

You can check to see if your photo has been received by going here: (link to come when list is active)

If you have other senior photos that don’t meet the above requirements, you can opt to buy a senior ad and include your favorites (and a baby photo) there! For more info about senior ads please visit: Senior Ads Update

To buy a yearbook or senior ad please visit: the yearbook store.