Yearbook FAQ’s

How do I purchase a yearbook during the school year?
During the school year students can visit the bookkeeper in room 102 or go to the yearbook store. After August 31, 2020, the yearbook will be sold at the regular price of $70.
We’ve sold out in the past, so whatever you choose, make sure to buy it before February 1 to guarantee that you get a copy.

When do we get our yearbook?
2020 Yearbook distribution started when seniors picked up their graduation tickets, and will continue on Rocket Ready days. Further distribution will happen after the start of the school year.
2021 Yearbooks will be distributed around the last week of school – the exact dates and additional details will be announced and posted around the school in early May 2021.

Can we submit photos for the yearbook?
Yes! Students (and parents too!) can submit photos for the yearbook by going to the community upload page.  Use access code rocketrise. Submission does not guarantee inclusion in the yearbook, but the more options we have, the better!

What if we have other questions?
Please contact the yearbook adviser, Maria Oquist, through email ([email protected]) or by calling the school at 402-436-1303.

Additional Note: Occasionally throughout the year the yearbook staff may send out a survey to students. Students should follow the jump code and complete the survey. The more students who participate the better, so please keep an eye out for surveys.