National Police Week


National Police week is a week to honor and appreciate the police department. Each person that works in the police department is brave and courageous. They risk their lives every single day to protect civilians.

It is a week to recognize those that worked in the police department who have died in line of duty and to those who are still currently working in the police force. It occurs each year on May 15 and ends on May 21, it’s the date each year.

If you’re wondering what to do for National Police Week you can do something as simple as saying “Thank you” to a police officer. You can also attend National Police Week events to show your respect.

There was an LPD memorial ceremony that was on Tuesday May 11 at 12:00 pm on 575 South 10th Street. Captain Charles E. Hall, Special Duty Patrolman Marion F. Marshall, Officer Richard E. Leyden, Detective Lieutenant Frank H. Soukup, Detective Paul B. Whitehead, Officer George W. Welter. They were all honored at the ceremony, each one of them passed away protecting others.

It all began in 1962 when former President John F. Kennedy signed a proclamation which is identified as Peace Officers Memorial Day and Police Week. Every year since then, there is always a recognition event that occurs during National Police Week.

The first ever police department to be made in Lincoln was established in July year of 1870. It started with just three men. Matthew Donahue, William Barber, and Charles Norton. Lancaster County opened the first jail facility in July 1991. Ever since the first jail was added the more police were added and that led to increase of police brutality.

Police brutality has been a struggle in many countries. There have been many incidents where police officers physically hurt people.There was a case in Lincoln, NE, police officers were supposedly beating, mocking, harassing a disabled African American man in 2013.

I asked officers about their perspective on police brutality. “It hurts when the other police departments are accused of it as it neglects on all law enforcement . We are very committed and work very hard to keep our community’s trust,” An officer said.

“There is a very small group that ruins people’s perspective on law enforcement. I would say 99% of law enforcement are great people. It’s the media that highlights what people see happening. Like every profession, there are bad employees,”  Deputy Brian responded. When asked Jennifer Hidalgo Romero about police brutality, she replied with “I think it’s wrong that officers abuse their power. There are some situations where no violence is needed and some still use violence.”

In an interview, I asked police officers whether or not they like their job. “Yes, I enjoy having the opportunity to meet many citizens throughout my career that are wonderful and we have a great community,” a female officer (chose not to disclose her name) at the Lincoln Northeast Police Station said. “Yes, although I deal with a lot of people due to negative events. I also get the opportunity to try and help some of these people.” Deputy Brian said.

Officers enjoy their career for multiple reasons. “I work with many personable people and have had a lot of positive contacts with the community,” An anonymous officer from the Northeast Police Department said. Deputy Brian enjoys “The opportunity to interact with children. I like to try and make a great impression early on in a child’s life.”