Article Correction: The Fight with Failure

There was a typo in the first sentence. It has been revised and changed.

All students in high school work for the final reward of a diploma. In Lincoln, Nebraska, the only requirements to obtain a GED are to accumulate 245 credit hours (certain areas of study require certain amount of credit hours) and 20 hours of community service. While some high school students run into hard classes that could slow down their track to getting a GED the best way to get through them are to understand what classes are the most difficult and the many ways to get through the classes.

  Lincoln Northeast High School is one of the five high schools in Lincoln Public Schools. The graduation rate for Lincoln Public Schools is 88.9%. As of 2016, Northeast’s graduation rate is standing at 81.1%. In perspective, roughly 4 out of 5 students graduate. Mr. Gerber, an administrator at Northeast High School, shares that he would want the graduation rate to be at 100% and says that it can be achieved through patience and improvement.

Mr. Gerber, stated that the most failed classes at Northeast High School are off semester classes and Chemistry. Off semester classes are classes that have already been failed once or classes that people who transfer to Northeast have not taken at their other school. The reason for failure in these classes are that some of the off semester classes have already been failed once and confidence is a factor. When the class is failed once the drive to redo a whole semester or year of the class is absent which relays to lack of effort in the classroom on homework, tests, and attendance.

On the other hand, Chemistry is one of the most failed classes because it is a hard class. Chemistry has many rules, exceptions and lots of memorization. Chemistry is also a mixture of science and math which means that it will require more analytical thinking and more lengthy of problems instead of going off personal knowledge and factual evidence.

A few tips on how to prevent failure or how to pass a class if it is a second attempt.

1. Make a list.

The list can consist of homework needing to be accomplished for each class, the plans for the week or classes to study for. If done the student already has an advantage.

2. Be disciplined.

Being disciplined means taking 15 minutes out of the day and being dedicated to being on top of things in every class. In other words, prioritize.

3.Learn how to articulate needs.

Instead of the student giving up and saying “No one will help me” say “I do not get this section of the notes you taught on this certain day.” He says to be specific so the teacher knows exactly what to help with.

Classes are the most imformational and toughest thing while in high school. Having the resources and knowledge of how to handle a hard class is imperative. Use these tips throughout high school in order to prevent getting blind sided by one of the difficult classes.