United Airlines incident

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On Sunday, a man was dragged off an airplane by police officers at the Chicago O’Hare International Airport when he refused to give up his seat on a flight to Louisville, Kentucky.

The man who was dragged off the plane was earlier selected at random to have to give up his seat to make room since the plane was overbooked. However, he refused. Charlie Hobart, a United spokesman, said “we had asked several times, politely,” for the man to give up his seat before he was forced. Because he didn’t leave the airplane, the police had to be called, eventually dragging him off the flight and leaving him with a concussion, broken nose, sinus damage and two teeth knocked out. He will need reconstructive surgery to fix the facial damages.

Airlines usually sell tickets to more people than the plane can seat, often counting on people not to arrive. When there are not enough no-shows to the flight, airlines offer rewards to customers in the form of vouchers, gift cards and cash.  This tactic almost always works, but not this time. Since the incident, the company has lost 250 million in market value. It will take lots of PR and money to fix this disastrous problem caused by United Airlines.