Who is Ms.Rowe?

Justin Morberg

Ms. Rowe is a history, civics and a learning center teacher who enjoys her occupation. The reason that she is a teacher is because her cousin Madison who has or had special needs and her 9th grade teacher influenced her.

Now she wants to teach 10 more years and her goal is to retire with full benefits and she’s guessing around the age 44 and she wants to teach high school for 5 more years. The reason that she teaches at Northeast is because she already knew most of the students at the previous school at Mickle.

During the day her favorite part is working in the learning center. Her least favorite part is 5th or meetings. But overall she enjoys her job mostly her co-workers.

Ms. Rowe says that if she wasn’t a teacher and she was a student she would want to learn about the Holocaust. But the only thing that she doesn’t like is when she’s doing way more than the student. Overall, she really does like her job and she can do both and Elementary education from Doane College University and she plans to stay for a while.