National Honesty Day is on April 30


If you are like most people, you are sick and tired of all the dishonesty in the world. National Honesty Day is on Saturday April 30. It is meant to encourage honesty and straightforward communication in everyday life. It was established by Hirsh Goldberg who created it in part because of the fact April 1 is April Fool’s Day. Since April Fool’s Day is full of pranks and jokes, having Honesty Day on April 30 is the perfect end for an “opposite” month. Honesty is something everyone strives for, but very few people can say that they have never lied. In a survey given to 75 students at Northeast over 95% of them admit to having lied in the past. Most kids fell into the category of lying once or twice a week.

The most ironic part about it was that even though most kids said that they lied, they did not believe it was an okay thing to do. When asked when it was okay to lie most students responded with it is okay to lie to hide a surprise or to spare someone’s feelings. Students said they did not like to be lied to and it was always worse to find out the truth after the fact.

Another emphasis the day is supposed to have is that honesty can help strengthen friendships and relationships. It is also to promote honesty through campaigning and businesses. For instance a product that is labeled a blueberry muffin that contains no real blueberries, consumers tend to get upset. National Honesty Day promotes businesses to be truthful in their products.

On National Honesty Day we should all try to be 100 percent honest, but that is hard for everyone. According to here are the top ten white lies to try to avoid to help celebrate National Honesty Day: “Oh yeah, I remember you”, “Yeah I am listening to you”, “I love it”, “I’m busy that day”, “I’ve been swamped lately”, “My phone died”, “I totally forgot to do that thing you asked me to do”, “Let’s keep in touch”, “I’m five minutes away”, and coming in at numer one “I’m fine”. So enjoy your honesty day, on April 30 rockets.