Haunted Locations In Lincoln, Nebraska


Lincoln, Nebraska is considered a regular city with not a lot of activity. The main stereotype of Lincoln is that it is full of farmers and corn. Nebraska is ranked the 8th happiest state in America according to WalletHub. With the cliche of happy farmers, no one seems to ever think of Nebraska to be a densely haunted state. An area you live by or even in could be holding several ghost stories at this very moment.

Antelope Park is well known for being a kid-friendly park. Little does everyone know that the park on 23rd & N to 33rd & Sheridan Blvd has haunted accusations. Near Antelope Park’s memorial, behind the caretaker’s house, is a field. The field has been said to be infested with ghosts. Many witnesses have claimed to see apparitions walking across the field and into the woods.

One of the most haunted buildings in Lincoln is where all of Nebraska’s politicians go. The Nebraska State Capitol took over 10 years to build and now it has a spooky story forever integrated within it. Ever since the capitol was built in 1932, christmas lights were strung outside of the top dome of the structure. One slight mistake and you could drop 17 stories. Since the job was so dangerous, government officials had prisoners do the daunting task. In 1968, a prisoner, held with one thin harness, had a heart attack and unfortunately passed away while he was stringing Christmas lights along the structure. The political empire is said to be filled with the screams of his apparition falling every Christmas season.

The Temple Theatre has a very eerie atmosphere as well. The auditorium is across from Love Memorial Library which is the main library on UNL’s campus. In the 1940s, students were performing Macbeth and one of the actors fell to his death on stage from the overhead. Now whenever Macbeth is the spotlight show, the apparition of the dead actor is said to make his appearance. Another presence in the theatre is Dallas Williams. He is the most famous ghost of the building. Williams was Theatre Department Chair from 1944-1971. He was known to throw chairs in order to bring the most emotion into his teachings. His spirit remains in the theatre and is known to continue throwing chairs. In the 1980s, a strange, paranormal incident occurred inside the building. The play being performed needed a doll, so the production crew went to the attic and dismembered a doll to create a different, perfect doll. When the crew left the attic, they heard noises. When they ran back to the attic, the dismembered doll had all of her parts aligned – ready to be put back together.

Regardless of what boring label that Lincoln, Nebraska is given, the city actually has some cool backstories. No matter which location you are in Lincoln, the place might have a present ghost story right there with you!